Common Misconceptions About Diesel Truck Repairs

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March 28, 2024
Common Misconceptions About Diesel Truck Repairs

At Iron Buffalo, located in Denver, CO, we encounter numerous myths surrounding diesel truck repairs, often leading to unnecessary expenses and downtime. Our expertise in debunking these myths has not only saved our clients’ time and money but has also extended the life of many a diesel giant. This article aims to shed light on some common repair misconceptions and provide clarity on the technical facts.

The Myth of ‘More Fuel, More Power’ 

One common myth is the notion that increasing fuel supply to the engine augments power output. While it's true to an extent, there's a threshold beyond which excessive fuel can cause engine overheating and damage. The precision in fuel-to-air ratio is crucial for achieving optimal performance and extending the engine's lifespan. Our technicians at Iron Buffalo meticulously calibrate this ratio to ensure your truck operates at its peak efficiency.

The Misconception of ‘Maintenance Can Wait’ 

Procrastination in addressing small repair needs can lead to colossal damage. The misconception that maintenance can be deferred often results in aggravated issues that could have been rectified at an early stage. Regular servicing and prompt attention to minor repairs is a practice we emphasize to all truck operators and fleet owners to avert major breakdowns.

‘Any Coolant Will Do’ Fallacy 

Coolants are not created equal. The myth that any coolant will suffice can lead to engine overheating and other related problems. Diesel engines require specific types of coolant to maintain the correct operating temperature and prevent corrosion. At Iron Buffalo, we recommend and use the appropriate coolants that comply with the engine manufacturer’s specifications.

The Fallacy of ‘All Oils Are The Same’ 

Similar to coolants, not all oils are created equal. The misconception that any oil can be used in a diesel engine can lead to increased wear and tear. Diesel engines require specific oils with certain viscosity and additive properties to ensure smooth operation and longevity. Our technicians are well-versed in selecting the right oil for your diesel truck, aligning with the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.

‘Cheaper Parts Are Equivalent’ Misconception 

Opting for cheaper, non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to save on repair costs is a common misconception. While these parts may appear to be a bargain initially, they often lead to more frequent repairs and reduced performance. We at Iron Buffalo advocate for the use of OEM parts to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your truck’s repair.

Debunking ‘A Harder Working Engine is a Better Engine’ 

The myth that a harder working engine denotes a better engine can lead to premature wear and potential failure. Diesel engines are designed to operate within specific performance parameters. Pushing the engine beyond its limits regularly can lead to a shortened lifespan and increased repair costs.


Navigating through the common misconceptions about diesel truck repairs is essential for every truck operator and fleet owner striving for operational excellence and cost-efficiency. At Iron Buffalo, we prioritize educating our clients on these misconceptions while providing top-notch diesel truck repair services. With a clear understanding and the right maintenance practices, the road to a long-lasting and robust diesel truck is well within reach.