Five Benefits of Heavy-Duty Truck DOT Inspections

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September 15, 2023
Five Benefits of Heavy-Duty Truck DOT Inspections

There are five main benefits to heavy-duty truck DOT inspections. These include safety, staying legal, saving money, keeping odors and chemicals under control, and keeping the environment clean. Checking for unsafe items such as cracked wheels, leaking fluids or bald tires is one of the most important benefits of DOT inspections. If these kinds of problems aren't fixed and are allowed to remain on the road, they can result in accidents that endanger not only personal lives, but also others who share the road with semi-trucks and other large vehicles. A faulty brake light might not seem like a big deal until that individual goes to switch lanes at an inopportune time and causes a major accident. At Iron Buffalo, our on-site DOT inspectors have significant experience in the truck repair industry and can ensure that your vehicle is in compliance with all applicable DOT regulations. In this article, we share some information about five benefits of heavy-duty truck DOT inspections.

Benefit #1: Safety

One of the main reasons that heavy-duty truck DOT inspections are so important is that unsafe trucks on the road can mean danger for everyone. In 2014, there were more than 4,000 fatalities from large truck crashes according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That equals six deaths per day from large truck accidents. Even worse, in 2014, there were more than 10,000 large truck-related injuries reported. The cost of these accidents totaled almost $12 billion by the end of that year. The total number of large truck crashes has steadily increased since 2009, and the cost of these accidents has risen dramatically. The main reason for this increase in accident-related costs is likely an increase in both populations and the amount of cargo that is being transported by large trucks. No matter what the reason, though, there's no doubt that unsafe heavy-duty trucks on the road can lead to disastrous consequences.

Benefit #2: Staying Legal

Perhaps what's most important about DOT inspections is that we ensure your vehicles are legal for road use. The DOT has very strict guidelines and rules about the size, weight, and running status of a vehicle. If your vehicle is not in compliance with these regulations, it could be taken off the road or significantly fined. This means that drivers must know what to look for when they're getting their heavy-duty truck DOT inspections to ensure that everything measures up in the eyes of the DOT. An example of this is the standard length for a trailer. The overall length can't exceed 65 feet, and if it's transporting hazardous material, then the total length cannot exceed 80 feet. Vehicles that are transporting nine or more passengers must have twin rear wheels to avoid any issues with overcrowding, which might lead to serious injuries in an accident situation. If you're transporting hazardous materials, you have to have data plates installed on each side of the truck near the front so they are visible from both sides.

Benefit #3: Saving Money

One of the most significant benefits of a heavy-duty truck DOT inspection is that it can save money in the long run. A major part of this comes from avoiding fines, but another important aspect is ensuring you have a properly running vehicle so that you don't need expensive repairs in the near future. A DOT inspection provides an opportunity to identify problems before they become unmanageable, which saves drivers money. If you rely on your heavy-duty truck for work, it's important to be aware of safety concerns that are identified during the DOT inspection. If you're transporting hazardous materials, then any problems with your brakes or other preventative measures could result in serious fines and financial penalties. As a business owner, it's crucial that you keep track of all of these things to ensure the best possible service at competitive rates.

Benefit #4: Keeping Odors and Chemicals Under Control

There are also benefits to heavy-duty truck DOT inspections involving chemicals or hazardous materials. To begin with, any vehicle that uses hazardous materials must first be registered with the DOT to ensure that they meet safety regulations. A DOT inspection ensures that vehicles remain in compliance and do not pose a risk to others on the road. Additionally, semi-trucks and other large vehicles use many materials such as gasoline, diesel fuel, or natural gas, all of which emit fumes into the air. Heavy-duty truck DOT inspections make sure those emissions are managed properly so as not to endanger humans or cause problems for the environment.

Benefit #5: Keeping The Environment Clean

Finally, heavy-duty truck DOT inspections can help keep our environment clean by making sure harmful chemicals and other potentially hazardous residues don't leak into the ground or water supply. Even though we use an incredible amount of resources and materials in this world, we still need to make sure we put those resources back where they belong. By doing a DOT inspection and ensuring that all materials are properly filtered and treated, companies can go a long way toward protecting our natural resources.

Final Thoughts

Even if you own a heavy-duty truck, it's important to make sure you get regular DOT inspections. Not only can they keep your vehicle legal for road use, but the DOT inspection process can also save money in the long run. Getting regular DOT inspections is an essential part of owning a semi-truck or other large vehicle that uses hazardous materials. You need to have everything up to date with the DOT department to be able to safely drive down roads and deliver chemicals or hazardous material without posing a threat to others on the road. Additionally, DOT inspections are something all businesses should be encouraging their drivers to complete because it can save them money in terms of avoiding fines or being taken off of the roads because of noncompliance with regulations.

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