JE-CO Truck & Trailer at TMCSuperTech 2021

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September 15, 2023
JE-CO Truck & Trailer at TMCSuperTech 2021

Nationally-ranked technician

You can feel relaxed that your heavy-duty truck repair is in good hands. Here at JE-CO we employ a nationally-ranked technician who works alongside our other expert certified technicians. James Robinson placed in the top 25 overall in the recent TMCSuperTech 2021’s Fall Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Cleveland for the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council. It was here that he had to display his premier skills among other professional commercial vehicle technicians. During this competition, Robinson was able to showcase what a skilled and knowledgeable truck technician he is. Robinson took part in this year’s competition that consisted of a one-day, one-track competition featuring a written test and 11 skills stations, organized in a table-top format. He was a shining example of the professional excellence in the entire industry.

We are proud of James Robinson and his integral part of our entire team.

Denver's Trusted HD Repair Shop

If you’re seeking the best heavy-duty truck repair company in the Denver region, look no further than JE-CO Truck & Trailer. With 35 years of experience, we are proud to be a highly-rated repair shop that offers a variety of heavy-duty and semi truck repairs. Our tech team includes a recent finalist in the TMCSuperTech competition who brings his knowledge, professionalism, and skill to our entire team.

Why choose JE-CO?

Living in the Rocky Mountain region, we’re used to seeing many different weather patterns throughout the year that take a toll on our vehicles. Our heavy-duty trucks are no exception. As an owner of truck fleets, you want to ensure that your trucks are working to the best of their capability.  JE-CO Truck & Trailer rebuilds, repairs, and overhauls heavy duty diesel engines for all makes and models of trucks including Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, Hino, International, Isuzu, Volvo, Western Star, and more. We work on all the major engine brands including Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Caterpillar, Paccar, and Volvo.

But often one of the most important reasons that truck owners choose JE-CO is our personable attitude. Our doors are always open inviting clients to drop by our diesel shop to chat with our experts. We really enjoy digging deep into your rebuild engine problems and finding the best solution for you. ‍Plus, we do so much more than just repair your trucks and trailers. We’ll assist you with load deliveries to your customers while your repairs are completed at our shop so that you get your runs on time.

Here at JE-CO Truck & Trailer we have the capability to work on any size of vehicle. Our one-stop approach to towing, repair, and maintenance of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks puts us at the top list in the Denver region. Where else can you find these credentials to rebuild your rigs? We understand being on the road is your primary focus. That’s why we offer low downtime and fast turnaround. No matter what time of day, we’re open available to offer you affordable diesel truck repair services. We pride ourselves on only using guaranteed quality parts. Plus we offer a one-year warranty on our labor and parts. But don’t believe us. Check out our highly-rated customer reviews that prove how we gained our trusted reputation.

The challenges faced by our techs

Due to the technology revolution within the medium- and heavy-duty diesel truck equipment industry, our skilled technicians are faced with many challenges. They have to be aware of all of the most up-to-date information concerning all of these large rigs. Our team is well-versed in the operation and repair of diesel combustion engines and know how to use instruments for measuring current, voltage, and resistance. Working on large heavy machinery is a challenge in itself while our techs need to be under and above these massive diesel trucks in areas that are difficult to reach. 

But we’re focused on getting your vehicles fixed right the first time.

Our team is well experienced in performing a motor swap on your heavy-duty diesel truck. But it is no easy feat; engine removal can be a strenuous, time-consuming task. However, in the hands of our well-qualified mechanics who have a thorough understanding of the vehicle, the process can go smoothly. First, they’ll need to drain all of the fluids from the old engine, disconnect the radiator and fan, remove the engine from the transmission, and uncouple the exhaust system. 

To get your rig in tip-top condition, we can rebuild your entire diesel engine. Our team will disassemble it and inspect, clean, repair, or replace old parts, including a worn oil pump, lifters, camshafts, and the timing chain. Cylinders are inspected and refaced if necessary. Then we test the engine for peak performance. 

At JE-CO Truck & Trailer, we can also unclog your radiator and reduce the engine’s high temperatures. We can fix your springs and perform a wheel alignment. Are your check engine lights coming on? We can see where the problem is originating. We can perform an emission test and have the capability to do body work. 

If your rig needs to be repainted, our painter can clean up the metal and repair a rusted bed that holds roll of wire or hose. We also operate a department that will do custom fabrication work. We have experience in making custom motor and transmission mounts.

Why you can trust JE-CO Truck & Trailer

Engines are our passion. We can do any kind of body work or repair you may need. Whether you're towing with a classic N14, series 60 or 3406s or sitting behind something a little fresher like a ISX15, DD15 or C15, we'll be able to diagnose, repair and effectively restore your engine back to its original efficiency. During our 35 years of business, we’ve hired highly experienced diesel mechanics and technicians to assist with all of your service needs. These wide range of services include routine maintenance to major repair work. Whether you have one semi-truck or a complete fleet, we can take care of it. Our dependability is legendary. We offer towing all throughout Denver. Call and get a price today for any towing of your big rigs and recovery.