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Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer's experience and technologically advanced hydraulic cylinder machine place us in a class of our own, making us the leader in truck and tractor hydraulic cylinder repair in the Denver, CO & Kalispell, MT. From hydraulic cylinder rod repair to hydraulic cylinder seal replacement, our team of experts can quickly and efficiently have your hydraulic system working like new.

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Why You Should Choose Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer For Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in Denver, Colorado & Kalispell, Montana

When it comes to hydraulic cylinder repair in and around Denver, Colorado and Kalispell, Montana, you need someone with the skill, experience, and technical abilities to do the job right. Our experience and technologically advanced hydraulic cylinder machine place us in a class of our own, making us the leader in truck and tractor hydraulic cylinder repair in the Denver, Colorado and Kalispell, Montana area. From hydraulic cylinder rod repair to hydraulic cylinder seal replacement, our team of experts can quickly and efficiently have your hydraulic system working like new.

At Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer, we specialize in maintaining and repairing all types of heavy-duty and farm equipment. Our team of professionals has experience with all types, sizes, and makes of hydraulic cylinders. We offer customers a variety of services and are known for the quality of our work. To learn more about hydraulic cylinder repair and how our team of experts can solve all your mechanical issues contact us today.

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The Components of Hydraulic Cylinders and How They Work

Hydraulic cylinders operate under the principle that an increase in pressure exerted on anything increases force as the area of the object increases. The result is that a larger cylinder and piston can produce more energy for more significant lifting or pushing demands.

How does a hydraulic cylinder work?

A hydraulic cylinder uses pressurized hydraulic fluid, typically oil, to convert pressure into movement. By controlling the amount of hydraulic fluid in the chambers, the operator can control the mechanism's movement.

While a hydraulic cylinder is basically a steel tube and rod, several components hold it together and make it so incredibly powerful.

Hydraulic Cylinder Components

A hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylindrical barrel, with a piston attached to a hydraulic cylinder rod, which moves the piston back and forth through the cylinder. One end of the barrel is capped, and the other end contains the cylinder head or gland, where the hydraulic cylinder rod extends out of the chamber.

The piston has hydraulic cylinder seals and gaskets, which prevent hydraulic fluid from leaking and help keep dirt and other contaminants from entering the cylinders. Additionally, hydraulic cylinder seals prevent pressurized fluid from leaving the chamber and reducing the mechanism's effectiveness.

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Common Problems That Cause Hydraulic Cylinders To Require Repair

Despite the power and functionality of hydraulic cylinders, they are sometimes forgotten and often overlooked. Like any component with moving parts that undergoes severe stress, hydraulic cylinders require regular maintenance to operate as needed and meet the demands of the required application. Several common problems can contribute to the breakdown and cause you to require hydraulic cylinder repair.

Contaminated Fluid

One of the most common issues that lead to hydraulic cylinder failure is contaminated fluid in the system. Foreign particles can infiltrate the system and scratch the interior of the cylinder. Additionally, many liquid contaminants can damage critical seals and gaskets and cause them to deteriorate. In either case, a scratch on the inside of the cylinder or a degraded seal or gasket will significantly reduce the cylinder's operational efficiency.

Unnecessary Oil Changes or Using the Wrong Type of Oil

Before you decide to change your hydraulic fluid, you'll first need to do an oil analysis to determine if it is necessary. By changing the fluid only when required, you will save money and prolong the life of your equipment.When it becomes necessary to change the oil, make sure that you use the correct oil with a viscosity that meets the demands of the climate in which your machine is operating. Using the wrong type of oil or viscosity reduces the system's power and can lead to damage and leaks.

Changing Filters Too Often

Like oil, filters need to be replaced, but only when necessary. Changing your filter before they have reached their dirt-holding volume limit is a waste of money. At the same time, if you wait too long and the oil becomes filled with dirt and contaminants, the efficiency of your machine will suffer. Ideally, you should monitor pressure drops across the filter and only change it when it has reached its dirt-holding capacity but before the bypass valve opens.

Overworking Your Equipment

While every hydraulic system is unique, it can get too hot when your system is overworked, and you need to stop using the equipment. As the oil heats up, its viscosity decreases and can fall under the required limit to keep your system lubricated, causing your hydraulic machine to become overworked and overheated. To avoid overworking the hydraulic system, you need to rely on the viscosity index of the oil, which is the rate of change in viscosity with temperature.

Waiting For Equipment to Prime Itself

Lubrication is vital to keep your hydraulic equipment operating correctly. Make sure that your machine is adequately lubricated before you start running it. Using a hydraulic system before it's primed can damage the entire system and lead to some very unpleasant noises.

Not Understanding How to Properly Use The Equipment

Regardless of how many pieces of equipment you have owned or operated, receiving the proper training for your equipment will eliminate many issues. Learning how your equipment works and how to maintain it will help you avoid running into problems that could damage your equipment and cause costly downtime.

Hydraulic Cylinder Overview

What are hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders are a standard component found in various machines, including excavators, bulldozers, trucks, tractors, farm machinery, and more. While the engine and drivetrain components provide the power to move the vehicle, hydraulic cylinders are designed to move individual parts of the machine. For instance, a hydraulic cylinder usually controls the motion when a bucket tilts, a blade lifts, or a boom extends.

At their most basic, hydraulic cylinders convert pressurized hydraulic fluid into linear movement. Generally, a hydraulic cylinder is used to push or pull a component. A close look at a piece of heavy machinery will typically reveal many hydraulic cylinders wherever a member is required to extend or contract.

While hydraulic cylinders are relatively simple in design, their ability to turn a relatively small amount of pressurized fluid into an extremely high force makes them indispensable. As a result, hydraulic cylinders are the workhorse that allows heavy machinery to perform its job as intended.

When one of your hydraulic cylinders fails, it can be critical to your productivity, and you need it repaired correctly and quickly so you can get back to work. While hydraulic cylinder repair is a relatively straightforward task, it takes skill and experience to do it right.

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I drive hot shot and had a situation where all my clearance lights went out. I called early in the morning and they got me in same day and had the problem fixed next day. It was a completely unreasonable ask as it was an electrical issue that I needed done in a 2 day window, not to mention they were slammed. These guys went above and beyond for me without a fuss and communicated every step of the way.  I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys for all your help!
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Absolutely the best customer service. I went in seeking a hard to find item that I did not want to have to wait for from amazon. To my surprise they had what I needed and made my day that much easier for my trailer repair.
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We are so thankful that our motorhome was towed to JE-CO. After a very disappointing breakdown, JE-CO has been so accommodating and helpful. They have easy access, long business hours and have worked well with Ford and Tiffin to try to get our rig repaired . We would highly recommend them.Also, thank you G for keeping us informed on what’s going on.
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