Truck Brake Repair Services in Denver, CO & Kalispell, MT

Brake systems are a critical component of any light, medium, and heavy-duty truck and trailer. Brake systems that are not operating properly make it more challenging to slow down, take turns, and stop, putting the driver and other vehicles in danger.

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Denver, CO

Welcome to Iron Buffalo, your trusted partner for industrial equipment and truck repair services in Denver, Colorado. While we are known for our expertise in heavy-duty and medium-duty truck repairs, our specialty lies in the repair and maintenance of various industrial equipment.

Kalispell, MT

Greetings from Big Sky Country! Iron Buffalo is proud to serve the vast terrains of Montana, offering unparalleled mobile repair services for industrial machinery and trucks. As we carve our niche in the heavy and medium-duty truck repair sector, our prowess in handling diverse industrial equipment remains unmatched.

About Our Brake Repair Services for Trucks & Fleets

At Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer, we are your complete light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial and personal truck and trailer repair shop. Whether you need vehicle inspections, routine maintenance, or extensive repairs, our team of certified technicians will have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

To better serve our clients, we take a unique approach to truck and trailer servicing. Our integrated services enable us to provide you with a solution for all your service needs, including towing, service, repair, and maintenance.

Whether you own one truck or a fleet of vehicles, we are committed to providing you with quality, dependable service. Among our many services, we offer brake service, DOT inspections, diagnostics and electrical service, and driveline services.

Benefits of Quality Brake Repair & Maintenance Services

Brake systems are a critical component of any light, medium, and heavy-duty truck and trailer. Brake systems that are not operating properly make it more challenging to slow down, take turns, and stop, putting the driver and other vehicles in danger.

The braking system for your truck or trailer involves the use of a complex network of components. Normal wear and tear or damaged components can lead to a failure of the entire system. Therefore, if you need brake service, it's vital to have the service done immediately, not only for safety but because waiting may cause more damage to the brake system and lead to a major repair.

Some brake components have a limited lifespan that causes them to wear or deteriorate over time, depending on use and operating conditions. One of the best ways to ensure that your truck or trailer brakes are functioning correctly is by having a regular brake inspection performed by the professionals at Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer.

Whether your truck or trailer is here for a brake repair or an inspection, our technicians closely examine every part and component of your brake system. At Iron Buffalo, we service all types of braking systems and help you find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for ensuring your brake system performs correctly.

Truck Brake Repair FAQ's

Why is brake maintenance important for trucks?

Regular brake maintenance is crucial for truck safety and performance. Brakes undergo significant wear and tear due to the heavy loads and frequent stops associated with trucking. Proper maintenance ensures reliable braking capability, reduces the risk of accidents, and extends the lifespan of brake components.

What are the signs that my truck's brakes need repair?

Signs of brake issues include squealing or grinding noises when braking, a spongy or soft brake pedal, vibrating or pulsating brake pedal, longer stopping distances, and the dashboard brake warning light illuminating. Any of these symptoms warrant immediate inspection and potential repair.

How often should I have my truck's brakes inspected?

It's recommended to have your truck's brakes inspected at least once a year or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, if you notice any unusual brake symptoms or experience changes in braking performance, it's essential to have your brakes inspected promptly.

What does a truck brake inspection entail?

A comprehensive brake inspection involves examining brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, brake fluid levels, and other brake components for signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Technicians will measure brake pad thickness, assess rotor condition, and check for proper brake fluid levels and quality.

What are common truck brake repair services?

Common truck brake repair services include brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing or replacement, caliper repair or replacement, brake line repair or replacement, brake fluid flush and refill, and brake system adjustments. The specific repairs needed depend on the condition of the brakes and the extent of wear and tear.

Our mission is to provide the best possible Brake Repair services to each and every customer in Colorado & Montana

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I drive hot shot and had a situation where all my clearance lights went out. I called early in the morning and they got me in same day and had the problem fixed next day. It was a completely unreasonable ask as it was an electrical issue that I needed done in a 2 day window, not to mention they were slammed. These guys went above and beyond for me without a fuss and communicated every step of the way.  I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys for all your help!
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Absolutely the best customer service. I went in seeking a hard to find item that I did not want to have to wait for from amazon. To my surprise they had what I needed and made my day that much easier for my trailer repair.
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We are so thankful that our motorhome was towed to JE-CO. After a very disappointing breakdown, JE-CO has been so accommodating and helpful. They have easy access, long business hours and have worked well with Ford and Tiffin to try to get our rig repaired . We would highly recommend them.Also, thank you G for keeping us informed on what’s going on.
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