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Suspension Repair Service in Denver, Colorado

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At Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer, we provide expert service on all makes and models of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Our highly trained and skilled certified technicians are experts at solving difficult-to-diagnose issues and are committed to providing our customers with quality work and prompt service. At Iron Buffalo, we understand that a well-made truck requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well. Therefore, we offer exhaust & aftertreatment, suspension, transmission & clutch, and truck alignment services, among the many services we provide.

Suspension Service

Whether you drive a light, medium, or heavy-duty truck, maintaining your steering and suspension system components is essential for control, comfort, and safety. Over time, normal wear and tear to suspension components such as leaf springs, airbags, hangers, and shackles can diminish performance and affect your truck's handling and ride quality.

The tilt of your truck as you make a turn, the ongoing bounce after hitting a pothole or bump in the road, the pull of the steering wheel as you drive, or tires that wear quickly or unevenly can all be signs of a suspension issue.

With a worn suspension system, you will feel every bump and hole in an uneven road, and it can also affect control of the vehicle when you stop or turn. Without regular inspections and maintenance, worn suspension components can lead to catastrophic accidents that could have been prevented.

The suspension system of your truck is hard at work with every mile you drive. Leaf and coil springs are essential for your truck to absorb the impact of rough roads, but over time, the shocks caused by bumps and potholes impact their integrity and performance. Air springs are designed to combine the comfort of leaf springs with the sturdiness of coil springs, but over or under-inflation and damage from road debris will eventually impact their performance, making regular maintenance and inspections essential.

Since the wear of suspension system components is gradual, it can be challenging to notice the signs of an issue until the damage is done. Scheduling an inspection of your suspension system with our experienced technicians can give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run. In addition, an inspection enables you to decide what and when to perform a service rather than dealing with the stress, cost, and downtime that an emergency repair can bring.

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