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Truck Transmission Repair Service in Denver at Iron Buffalo

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Transmission & Clutch Repair Service in Denver, Colorado

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Transmission & Clutch Service

While transmissions and clutch designs vary for different truck applications, they all wear, which eventually causes them to break. How long your truck's clutch and transmission will last before needing maintenance depends on various factors such as traffic, road grade, and the amount of weight you haul with your vehicle.

Your clutch performance and pedal operation often indicate an issue before your truck becomes unsafe to drive. For example, an odd noise or a loose, sticky or spongy feeling when pressing the clutch is typically a sign of wear. Transmission slippage when accelerating, or difficulty shifting into reverse and changing gears, is also evidence that it is time to service your transmission and clutch.

Issues with your truck's transmission or clutch can put your vehicle out of service, costing you both time and money. At Iron Buffalo Truck & Trailer, we are transmission and clutch experts with experience in the maintenance and repair of all transmission and clutch manufacturers, including Allison, Spicer, Eaton, Lipe, and more.

We offer the dependable, competent service you need for your transmission and clutch, including preventive maintenance, expert diagnostics, timely repairs, rebuilds, replacements, and installations. From regular inspections to service and repairs, we're equipped to meet your needs with cost-effective solutions that will reduce downtime and keep your truck operating in top condition.

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