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Detroit Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance

Did you know Detroit Diesel has built over 5 million engines since their inception back in 1938? To make things even more exciting, over a million of those engines are still on the road today! Want to know how that’s possible? High-quality preventive maintenance. When an engine is taken care of, it lasts. Here at Iron Buffalo Equipment, we’re extremely familiar with Detroit Diesel engines. Not only have we worked on hundreds, if not thousands of them, throughout our careers, but we actually have experience driving them too! A lot of our workers are former truck drivers, meaning they know how it feels to operate a Detroit Diesel engine. Why not bring your truck in for preventive service? We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Common Detroit Diesel Maintenance and Repair Needs

Overheating Engine

Detroit Diesel engines are designed to work extremely hard, which means they produce a lot of heat when under load. Sometimes coolant systems aren’t able to keep up with this intense heat, meaning the engine overheats. By performing adequate preventive maintenance on your Detroit Diesel engine, you can ensure your coolant system is not overpowered. Did you know engine oil loses its ability to lubricate an engine over time? If not changed, the heat and friction increase, hence the failing coolant system. 

Fuel Economy Issues

Sometimes Detroit Diesel engines have been known to suck up a lot of fuel. Although this is generally the result of the engine’s design, the poor fuel economy can be mitigated through proper preventive maintenance. By replacing fuel filters on a regular basis, performing routine oil changes, and replacing your air filter when necessary, you can keep your fuel economy at an adequate level. For further fuel economy improvements, you can get your fuel injectors cleaned. 

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