Guide: How to Find the Best “Semi Truck Repair Near You” Now

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September 15, 2023
Guide: How to Find the Best “Semi Truck Repair Near You” Now


Every semi-truck owner knows that it is unavoidable for their truck to require repair work from time to time. Having the proper knowledge and equipment can help you tackle some minor repair works and be back on the road in no time. However, most truck repair works are complicated and are best left to professionals specializing in semi-trucks and other heavy-duty machines.

People are increasingly using “near me” searches to find the best semi-truck repair shops in their locality. This query will display the best possible answer depending on your location, with local business pages optimized for SEO ranking higher. In Denver, Colorado, such a search will take you to JE-CO Truck & Trailer, the best heavy-duty diesel truck repair shop in Denver.

What Should You Look Out for When Choosing a Semi-Truck Repair Shop?


The regular auto repair shops aren't equipped to handle massive semi-truck repair works. Look for a specialized service center specializing in semi-trucks, tractors, RV's, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles.


Look for a reputable service center with a positive reputation and history. There is a high likelihood that such a business will want to maintain such thorough, high-quality service. An online search will give you a better understanding of the business, their passion, how long they have been operating in your area, and their positive history from customer reviews.


Review different businesses in your area and compare them based on how they charge for various services. While it is important to go with one that offers the most affordable rates, it is equally important that their services are top-notch too. 


Ideally, look for a shop near you. This way, you avoid taking a damaged car long distances, and it also gets easier for you to check on the repair works. However, you may consider one that is further if they offer to pick and return your car to your house after the repair is done. 


Check if the shop's mechanics have the right qualifications and credentials. Proper certification in medium to heavy-sized trucks shows the specialist is qualified in the diagnosis and repair works of diesel engines, electrical systems, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and steering.


Accidents and breakdowns do not have a schedule. Lookup a truck repair shop that offers 24/7 services to help you get back on the road quickly. Choosing to partner with a reliable, available company will give you peace of mind, knowing they are just a call away should an emergency happen.

Quality Parts

Your mechanic should stock both stock and aftermarket parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your diesel semi-truck. Failure to use high-quality parts and accessories may end up doing more harm to your truck than good. Your favorite repair shop should only modify your vehicle with aftermarket parts that will serve you for years.

The Best Semi-Trailer Repair Shop in Denver, Colorado

Considering all the above factors that you should consider when looking for a diesel truck repair shop, JE-CO Truck and Trailer tops the list in Denver. This 24/7 light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel truck towing, repair, and maintenance shop is located at 1247 East 68th Avenue, Denver, CO 80229. They also have ancillary services in their fabrication shop, where they build truck beds for semi’s, pup trailers, drywall texture machines, and other custom projects to support the repair shop.

JE-CO's mission is to build a business empire based on honesty, quality, and genuine customer service. Founded in 1974 by Jim Egli, the company would go beyond its construction delivery equipment, knuckle boom cranes, and drywall texture machines roots to become a service provider for various equipment and industries. Currently, JE-CO is owned and operated by Mike Schwarz and Austin White, alongside Brittany Baisley and Heather White. 

The goal is to have everyone leave JE-CO better than when they came in. Diesel maintenance and repair is now the primary revenue stream.  JE-CO is the one-stop for all your truck and semi-truck repair needs; they can fix anything.

Services Offered in JE-CO Truck & Trailer Diesel Repair Shop

1.1: Truck Repair Services

  • DOT Inspections- An annual DOT inspection is required for all vehicles over 10,000lb or those transporting hazardous materials.
  • Diagnostics- JE-CO specializes in finding and addressing complex issues in trucks that are hard to diagnose. 
  • Electrical- JE-CO has ASE, and DOT certified and licensed heavy-duty electrical technicians. 
  • Brakes- Brake systems are vital components for every light, medium, and heavy-duty trailer and truck. Get them checked at JE-CO and avoid challenges in making turns, stopping, or slowing down. A poor braking system puts you, the driver, at risk, as well as other vehicles and drivers on the road.
  • Driveline- Get expert driveline work for your light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel trucks.
  • Exhaust & Aftertreatment- Any issues with your trucks' exhaust and Aftertreatment can decrease its fuel economy, power, acceleration and cause you unanticipated downtime.
  • EGR/DPF Cleaning & Repair- Most diesel trucks experience issues with their diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). JE-CO got you.
  • Engine Conversions- Diesel engine swaps aren't easy. It takes knowledge, time, and patience to perform it correctly; something JE-CO has perfected.
  • HVAC Systems- Cabin comfort is a necessity for every car. Get your air conditioning and heating systems repair and maintenance works done at JE-CO to ensure they perform correctly.
  • Suspension- Suspension system components wear out gradually, which may be hard to notice. Scheduled inspections of the suspension system with experienced technicians can help detect any issues early.
  • Heavy Duty Repair, Overhaul & Rebuild- The company builds, repairs, overhauls all makes and models of heavy-duty diesel truck engines like Detroit, Cummins, Volvo, Diesel, Paccar, and Caterpillar.
  • Preventative Maintenance- Spend on regular, preventive maintenance and save yourself from spending more on repair works.
  • Transmission & Clutch- Solve issues with the truck’s clutch and transmission to avoid putting your truck out of service, saving you time and money.
  • Truck Alignment- Wheel alignment to keep your car running safely and effectively. Aligned wheels encourage less and even tire wear, safe driving conditions, and high gas mileage.

1.2: Other Heavy Truck Services

JE-CO has a team of experts with the experience, skills, and technical abilities to quickly and effectively handle heavy truck and equipment services that include: heavy-duty towing, diesel emissions, diesel dyno, RV repair, hydraulic cylinder repair, and truck mounted crane repair.

If you need a diesel truck repair shop in Denver, Colorado, look no further than JE-CO Truck & Trailer repair shop. This is your one-stop-shop for your semi-truck repair work and emergency services should your truck happen to break down.