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Cummins Engine Repair and Maintenance

Cummins is well known for building some of the world’s best diesel engines. To many in the industry, Cummins engines are bulletproof. They can be found in everything from dually pickup trucks to large semi-trucks and even in large construction equipment. Although these engines are indeed super durable, they are not immune to wear and tear, and as such, need preventive maintenance. Here at Iron Buffalo Equipment, not only do we offer a full suite of preventive maintenance services, but we also perform large-scale repairs of all kinds. 

Common Cummins Maintenance and Repair Needs

EGR Valve Leaks

Cummins engines have been known over the years for their leaky EGR valves. Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is responsible for moving some of your emissions back into your combustion chamber. This ensures less carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. Although this is great, the added complexity introduces fail points such as your EGR valve. When this gets stuck open, your engine is not receiving the same amount of material as it should be. You’ll likely notice poor performance and poor fuel efficiency, and your engine may even go into limp mode. Here at Iron Buffalo Equipment, we’ll have your EGR system fixed up in no time. 

Preventive Maintenance

So what preventive maintenance services should be undergone on a Cummins engine, you may ask? Everything from oil and filter changes to fuel injector cleaning should be undergone on a routine basis. Here at Iron Buffalo Equipment, we offer a full set of preventive maintenance services that are sure to keep your Cummins engine running for years to come. 

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