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Kenworth Truck Repair and Maintenance

Kenworth builds trucks that are designed to carry or tow a ridiculous amount of weight all over North America. Regardless of the road conditions or the climate type, Kenworth trucks are well regarded as unstoppable forces of nature. Although we agree that these trucks are definitely great, we would like to warn people that their Kenworth will almost certainly break down if preventive maintenance is not performed on a routine basis. This means changing your fluids and filters, regularly inspecting your chassis and suspension, and rotating your tires. Here at Iron Buffalo Equipment, we offer a full suite of repair and maintenance services that are sure to have your Kenworth running for years to come. 

Common Preventive Maintenance Services

Coolant System

Whether your truck simply uses a radiator-based system or a more complex one that includes oil and transmission coolers, you can rest assured knowing Iron Buffalo will maintain your coolant system. Did you know that over time your coolant loses its ability to absorb heat in the same way that oil loses its ability to lubricate metal? If left unchecked for too long, heat and friction will build up in your engine block, causing significant damage to your vital components. 

Oil and Fluid Changes

If you want your Kenworth truck to last a long time, you’re going to need to perform adequate fluid and filter changes on a routine basis. Large components like your engine, transmission, and differential all need to be lubricated. Despite the common misconception that oil can lubricate gears indefinitely, they have service intervals that you must follow. Over time oil and fluid lose their ability to lubricate gears, so be sure to replace them on a regular basis. 

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