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Paccar Truck Repair and Maintenance

Paccar is well known for building high-quality trucks all over the world. Not only are these trucks durable and long-lasting, but they’re also seen as some of the most reliable trucks on the market. Unfortunately, many drivers take this reputation as an excuse not to perform preventive maintenance, but we promise you that preventive maintenance is necessary on every heavy-duty vehicle. A lacking maintenance plan can take a fantastic vehicle and turn it into one of extremely low value. Fortunately for anyone who wants to maintain their truck and keep it alive for as long as possible, we here at Iron Buffalo Equipment provide an all-encompassing preventive maintenance service. We’ll have your truck running smoothly for years to come. 

Common Paccar Maintenance and Repair Needs


Paccar trucks have been known to overheat when not maintained properly. This is usually caused by excess friction within your engine block due to a lack of steady oil changes. Did you know oil loses its ability to lubricate metal over time? Hence the increase in friction and heat. It’s also important to note that when performing oil changes, you must also change your oil filter. This will keep your oil free of impurities. 

Starter and Battery Issues

Another common complaint we get about Paccar trucks is starter and battery issues. If your truck isn’t starting right, chances are you have a bad battery or bad starter motor. Paccar trucks have been known to suck power from your battery due to their vast amount of exterior battery-powered systems. As for the starter motor, the harder it has to work, the shorter its lifespan will be. 

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