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Mercedes Truck Repair and Maintenance

Mercedes is known for building some of the most luxurious semi-trucks on the road. They have tons of great technology, are incredibly comfortable, and beloved by many. Don’t be fooled by the fancy exterior, for underneath is a tough-as-nails system that’s designed to haul up to a hundred thousand pounds. Although these trucks are generally really nice, the sheer complexity of their systems means there are a lot of fail points that need to be addressed. Whether through preventive maintenance or routine inspections, Mercedes trucks need a lot of maintenance to stay in good shape. Here at Iron Buffalo, we’re experts at working on Mercedes trucks. Our technicians will have your rig running better than ever before. 

Common Mercedes Maintenance and Repair Needs

Electrical Issues

Due to the large number of electrical systems within a Mercedes semi-truck, Drivers have been known to report electrical issues of all kinds. These electrical issues can range from component failure to repeated blown fuses. Fortunately for anyone experiencing these issues, our technicians here at Iron Buffalo are experts at wire tracing. Not to mention we have some of the best diagnostics tools and processes around. Why not bring your truck in for service? We’ll have those pesky electrical issues sorted out in no time! 

Emissions Control Systems

Like many other semi-trucks, Mercedes uses a lot of emissions control systems. As these systems tend to be quite complex, they may need maintenance or repair over time. Common symptoms of a bad emissions control system include poor fuel economy, poor performance, and an odd odor coming from your exhaust. 

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