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Hino Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Similar to Isuzu trucks, Hino is a Japanese manufacturer, meaning a lot of North American Hino drivers struggle to find parts and services for their trucks. Fortunately for anyone dealing with this issue, Iron Buffalo Equipment is fully equipped and prepared to handle any Hino truck repairs that come our way. Whether you need parts or large-scale repair, you can rest assured knowing Iron Buffalo has your back. Below we’ve put together a short list of our most common repair and maintenance services. 

Common Hino Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Emissions Control Systems

Like many other semi-trucks, Hino uses a lot of emissions control systems. As these systems tend to be quite complex, they may need maintenance or repair over time. Common symptoms of a bad emissions control system include poor fuel economy, poor performance, and an odd odor coming from your exhaust. These symptoms may be a sign of a stuck EGR valve or a clogged DPF filter. 

Ignition Systems

Have trouble starting your Hino truck? Ignition system issues can be caused by virtually anything, but the most common causes are dead batteries, bad alternators, or a bad starter motor. Other culprits include a leaking EGR valve, bad glow plugs, and a clogged fuel injection system. If you’re having trouble starting your heavy-duty truck, feel free to call us and schedule an appointment. We’ll get you in as soon as possible. 

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